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An extensive, fearless, minimalist, clear and transparent approach to testing that will make sure you get the most efficient execution towards the most thorough results, in full confidence that your time and money is being well spent.


The MAGNI:FI:Q QA team does all the legwork to make sure your need is met. Be it performance, load, integration, security, automated or functional testing, our team knows how to help you reach your targets thoroughly. From business requirements to actual test cases, from installation & configuration to testing, the team is ready to dig and detail everything for you.


No challenge is too big for the MAGNI:FI:Q QA team. We enter the projects ready to face any task that arises as part of reaching your goals. We face projects head-on and strategically, and show no fear.


Only spend time on items that bring you value. The MAGNI:FI:Q QA managers work closely with you to ensure they know exactly what your business needs are and to target directly those solutions which maximize your ROI.


The MAGNI:FI:Q QA team is expressive! You will no longer need to do guesswork to understand bug reports or have your team scratching their heads in project chats. Our team is trained to be clear and communicative.


The managers at MAGNI:FI:Q QA are honest and accountable. You can know at any time what the status of your project is and how your resources are being spent. They are ready to initiate redirections at any moment, at your command, while helping you make the best decisions towards a happy delivery.

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Testing Disciplines

MAGNI:FI:Q QA specializes in a range of testing disciplines. We divide those disciplines into two categories. Read more…

Analysis Disciplines

The team at MAGNI:FI:Q QA has the mission to help our clients with all their software QA needs, going beyond testing. We want to help integrate quality within your processes as well, by providing analysis that can lead to greater quality. Read more…


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